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Published @ 04/08/2023 by

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🎨 With FacePop's Font Studio, you can take full control of the typography used in your widgets. Isn't that awesome? 🤗

You can access the Font Studio page by clicking here!

Change the Font

We offer a wide selection of over 200 fonts! 💪 So you can choose the one that matches your brand's design.

Here's how to do it!

  • Go to the Font Studio section in the FacePop editor.
  • Find the dropdown menu called Font family to select your desired font.
  • Remember, the font you choose will apply to the entire widget.

Change the Font Size

With FacePop, you can easily adjust the font sizes of all your widget elements!

  • Just under the Font family dropdown as seen in the section above, scroll below.
  • You will find all the labeled input fields that you can insert new font sizes for.

The change will be reflected in the FacePop widget instantly.

Font Ideas

Not sure which font to use? No worries! 😄 We've identified some of the best fonts that will give your FacePop widgets a snazzy look.

Simply pick from our "Font Ideas" if you are in doubt!

So go ahead, give your FacePop widget a fresh look using our Font Studio! 🚀🚀